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The key to our success is our invaluable team, formed by 330 skilled, creative, and passionate Socialpointers, crazy about games and committed to pushing the bar. You can take their word for it.

Choosing Socialpoint was easy. After years as a comic artist for big companies, I wanted a change and wasvery attracted to the world of video games. This is one of the world's best mobile gaming companies; when I had the opportunity to join, I didn't hesitate. I mainly work on creating new ideas and characters for future projects, probably the best job an artist can have! My team is full of talented colleagues, and friends. Our different skills complement each other and make working together a real pleasure.

Gianluca Panniello

2D Artist

I feel like I'm surrounded by people who love what they do and have a lot of fun every day at work. Everyone is really friendly and made me feel at home from day one. At first, I was a little worried about moving abroad, but Socialpoint went out of their way to offer support and make it as easy as possible for me: I don't regret it for a second! There's so much to do in Barcelona that everyone will be able to find something they enjoy, and the weather makes living here a treat. I'm never going home!

Gillian Patterson

Mobile Game Developer

This is the best company I’ve ever worked for, starting with the product itself. Then there’s the environment, the city, the highly skilled people... The constant challenges that the industry faces makes it the perfect place to grow . In fact, m y job is very diverse. I’m given the opportunity to be involved in many topics and every day there are new challenges to face. Also launching games to the market and listening to players to keep improving our product and game experience makes it a very rewarding job.

Pasqual Batalla

VP of Operations & Business Development

At Socialpoint, my colleagues respect my feedback and I feel genuinely supported by my team. I like the fact that we work in an atmosphere of flexibility and creative freedom, where I keep learning new things and growing as a UI/UX designer. Plus, I have a really nice work-life balance! It’s funny to think I was a mere Monster Legends fan 5 years ago, and now I get to work for the company that created it! It’s destiny I guess…

Yemin (Rae) Sun

UI/UX Designer

I chose Socialpoint because I was convinced that I could find interesting and challenging problems, from an analytics perspective. Given the huge amount of data that we deal with, it is the perfect place to learn and grow. What I like the most about my job is the wide variety of conundrums that we work with. We have many goals but time is limited, so we are always trying to find a solution that is good enough, fast. This is great because we are never stuck one any single long-term project. Every day is different!

Arnau Escapa

Data Scientist


Life at Socialpoint

One thing’s for sure – talent at Socialpoint is everywhere. From the game teams to the corporate and horizontal departments, each and every Socialpointer is undoubtedly a game maker.

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We build unforgettable games that delight millions of fans all around the globe.

And we do so by thoroughly enjoying every day at work. Having fun is the best way we know to create fun.

We're part of

a big family

As a startup, Socialpoint has been tight-knit from the very beginning.

Our roots still remain; only now the family has grown! And not just because there are over 330 of us…

In February 2017, we were acquired by Take Two Interactive, one of the top gaming companies in the world. Today, together with Rockstar, 2K and Private Division, we belong to the T2 family too, and we couldn’t be prouder!

Jump aboard

You have the talent, we have the playground. Socialpoint is always looking for creative and passionate people. Join our team and be part of something amazing.

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