Don't worry, be happy

We'll help you relocate

Okay, so you’re ready to seize an amazing professional opportunity, and have lots of fun at our HQ in Barcelona. Yet, you’re worried about relocating?

Fear no more; we are here to help!

Find your new home...

We know finding a new place is key to feeling at home in a new city. So, the search will become your top priority… and ours.

We’ll listen to your family’s needs and priorities, and inform you when we find something that suits. We’ll help in preparing an agenda with the right properties for you, accompanying you every step of the way.

...and everything else you need!

We will also support you with the necessary administrative procedures so that, as a new member of the community, you enjoy the same rights and public benefits as all Barcelonians.

From opening a local bank account to finding the right school for your kids, everything is easier with an expert on your side.

The people

Life in Barcelona

It’s easy to see why Barcelona is fast-becoming Europe’s newest tech hub. Come check out how we have – and create – fun in this sunny city.

Enjoy our benefits!

We want to contribute to your wellbeing and make your life easy. But above all, we want you to have fun. Lots of it.

Being a Socialpointer is highly rewarding for many reasons. The atmosphere, coworkers and resources are just the icing on the cake! If you are thinking of joining the family, there are additional perks that will most definitely tip the scale.

Private medical insurance and physiotherapy
Free meals and on-site gym
Hairdresser, social events and gaming area
Training and language courses
Newbies program
Additional vacation days

The list of advantages goes on and on. Come aboard and find out for yourself.

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Jump aboard

You have the talent, we have the playground. Socialpoint is always looking for creative and passionate people. Join our team and be part of something amazing.

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