Our backend teams develop services for games that are played and loved by hundreds of millions of users every day, all over the world! As a backend engineer, your job will not be only about coding, you’ll be part of our games team and work closely with mobile engineers, game designers, player experience, systems, and analytics, among other departments.

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Backend Engineer
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I chose Socialpoint because I was convinced that I could find interesting and challenging problems, from an analytics perspective. Given the huge amount of data that we deal with, it is the perfect place to learn and grow. What I like the most about my job is the wide variety of conundrums that we work with. We have many goals but time is limited, so we are always trying to find a solution that is good enough, fast. This is great because we are never stuck one any single long-term project. Every day is different!!

Arnau Escapa

Data Scientist

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