Data drives everything we do. That’s why our analytics team works on a variety of projects to unlock the secrets of player engagement and retention! Our data engineers and scientists focus on everything related to data. From building sophisticated warehousing solutions to running statistical analysis and developing machine learning tools, all they do is to help Socialpoint make the right decisions, faster.

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Data Engineer Intern
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When I first stepped into its headquarters, I knew Socialpoint was my place! Years after, that feeling has nothing but increased. Socialpoint has not only given me the trust to set up the Global Mobility service but also the freedom to explore other fields that I was very interested in. Here, I'm constantly learning and growing, and I understand how my job contributes to the business. The brilliant professionals I met when I joined are now friends too, and together, we cooperate, embrace new challenges, and of course, give it our all on the dancefloor at our legendary parties!

Garazi Zarraga

Relocation Coordinator

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