Two Dots is a puzzle game that’s free to play and loved by millions

Join two brave Dots as they trek around the world, under the sea, and across the galaxy in this award-winning puzzle game!

Connect colorful Dots across multiple unique game modes. Search for hidden treasures in the Scavenger Hunt, survive the Arcade onslaught, Flip the tiles to collect trophies, and snag a shiny medal in the Treasure Hunt—tons of ways to play and win!

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Game includes optional in-app purchases

Explore the universe and collect wild, wonderful treasures

Puzzle your way across fantastic worlds like you’ve never seen before with Emily and Uncle Jack while gathering the most unique and amazing souvenirs in the universe.

Discover worlds within worlds in the Scavenger Hunt

Delve into layers of incredible art and exquisite animation to find hidden treasures in Scavenger Hunt mode, beloved by millions of players.


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Challenge yourself…or just relax

Compete against other players, show off your trophies for bragging rights, share your amazing progress on social media…or just enjoy a peaceful solo experience as you solve intricate puzzles and soak up the chill vibes. It’s up to you.


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