Command and Conquer!

Top Troops is a fantasy RPG game with a unique mix of strategy and merge mechanics. Merge your troops, rank them up, and combine them strategically before you lead them into epic battles.

There are eight game modes, including Campaign and Multiplayer features!

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Merge & Rank Up Your Troops

There are 50+ Squads, each with their own unique skill set! Recruit and upgrade them to knock out your enemies.

Squads have a peculiar Squad-Coin-based diet, but don't worry! You'll be able to farm those coins in the game.

Rule the Battlefield

Deploy the right combination of units onto the battlefield and see them use their skills in fun* idle battles. Choose units of different Factions to increase your chances of success!

*Fun for you, not so much for your enemies.


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Join the Community!

Top Troops is better with other Commanders! Join the Community to find your perfect Clan, exchange tips, and be the first to know about upcoming updates and new units.


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