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Published: 3 years ago

We went back to the future on the Xmas Party!

Can you think about a more glamorous event than Social Point Xmas Party? Everyone dressed up in their best suits, colorful dresses, cool hairstyles…! Apart from all that, this year was even more special than the previous ones, as we had the pleasure to go back to the future with a DeLorean, McFly and Doc cheering all of us up! Cool, isn’t it?


But that wasn’t the only surprise that we had during the party: Each employee received a personalized present from a magic Santa! He seemed to know a lot about each of us. He even knew the name of SocialPointers’ pets and lots of our hobbies. Are you sure that a real Santa doesn’t exist?

One more time, this year the dinner was memorable, we will never forget the meal, this time because it was cooked by the awesome Nandu Jubany!

20161216_Social Point_0656

After dinner, we said goodbye to this amazing year and welcomed together the new one that is coming full of new challenges and hits!

Thank you for making it possible and once again… Merry Xmas from all Social Point team!

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