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Published: 6 years ago

We work hard and we party harder!

An (extra)ordinary Friday evening at Social Point!
It’s a tradition that on Friday night we gather, laugh and drink some beers, but this Friday was a bit different and a bit bigger of an event!

It all started with a typical party dinner- burgers, chips, french fries, beer and once our tummies were full it was time for the comedian to step on the stage.
We have to admit that the comedian guy was really hilarious as some of us were crying out of laughter. The comedian show lasted 1 hour and honestly none of us wanted it to finish, but however, there was consolation- It was time to get on the buses and go to the club!
This party theme was Rock’n'Roll and we did rock the club pretty hard dancing until 5 am!

One of the surprises of the night (not organized by the company) was that…it snowed! It was amazing because it barely ever snows in Barcelona. This made the night even more special, and chilly, but mostly special!

As mentioned in the title, we work hard, but we party harder!

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