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Published: 3 years ago

We launched a data challenge once again: 2nd Analytics Hackathon

Last year we were the promoters of the first Datathon, in other words, the first Hackathon of data in Barcelona, hosting 40 analytics experts that were challenged to solve an enigma and create a model to predict when users would stop playing Dragon City.


It was such a great success, that we decided to repeat the experience this year, organizing a second round on the 16 and 17th of October. This time the challenge was to create a predictive model with the following instructions: “Predict the next monster that the user will like and doesn’t already have”.


It was an intense weekend in which we felt a great adrenaline rush. It was very challenging and people enjoyed it a lot. Moreover, we had RTVE recording the whole event and interviewing participants to make a documentary about big data in which Social Point and this event will be the main topics!We hope we can host more events like this one and help to make the analytics community grow! Meanwhile, keep calm and hack data!


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