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Published: 6 years ago

Animation Industry is present in Videogames

As we already announced some days ago, Julián del Rey, our Lead Artist, gave a talk at Animac, the International Film Festival of Animation.

“Not only short and long movies have are present in this industry, but also videogames.” This is what our colleague explained to the audience (students and animation professionals) who attended his speach: “Elevator Pitch Serveis”.

He summed up saying what Social Point is, a social gaming Barcelona-based company that is hiring a lot of artists and animators. Moreover he emphasized that we aim to find more employees and that it is extraordinary and refreshing to find a company that is growing in such an explosive pace in the nowadays economy. During the talk he presented how the animation process at Social Point is and he encouraged the audience to send a résumé to the company.

Finally Julián was interviewed by the radio station Cadena Ser Lledia, where he could make another call to potential Social Point employees. We can happily say that the event was a success and that the amount of résumés received is a living proof of it.

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Watch here video presentation of Julian’s talk

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