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Published: 6 years ago


How many game developers does it take to fill a pool?

There are a few things we’d like to think we do well, here at Social Point.

We make amazing games.  We do cool stuff every day.  We work hard.

And we party like professionals.

So with the mercury reading 31 degrees and blue skies blanketing the Mediterranean on Friday morning, the consensus in our office was pretty much universal: it was time to kick off the Social Point Summer Party 2013.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, that you have not (yet) experienced a Social Point Summer Party.

So sit back and enjoy the ride, as we guide you through some of the highlights of this summer’s shindig.



Getting 157 Social Pointers into 3 coaches can be a bit of a challenge. Arm them with water guns, buckets, spades, volley balls and sundry summer paraphernalia, and you’re playing a whole different beach ball game.

This was the Herculean task facing our HR team, who managed to bundle us onto the buses with aplomb – and we were off!

Within 20 minutes we arrived at the Costa Dorada beach town of Gavá, nerves twitching, adrenalin pumping, ready for some serious party action. Again, our HR team did not disappoint. The beautiful Gavá Tropical Beach Club was waiting for us, the turquoise water of the swimming pool glittering in the July sun.

However, pleasures are twice as sweet when you work hard to earn them, right?

So before we could sample the delights of the pool, the terrace bar or a sumptuous lunch in the open air restaurant, it was straight onto the beach for some serious games.

Social Pointers take play seriously. Very seriously.  So seriously in fact that over the next hour we went head to head in an assortment of challenges from beach volleyball, beach football, team relays, scarf snatching* to competitive sandcastle-building.

Social Pointers of every discipline battled it out to snatch victory from team mates on the sandy arena.

Systems architects wrestled triumph from Analysts. Marketers with nimble footwork ran circles around their Mobile counterparts. Game designers floundered under the strategic attack of Business Developers. Until, at last, the whistle blew, the last volleyball flew through the air and the final turret was ceremoniously appended to the last sandcastle.



A good lunch is a great way to kick back and really get to know new people, and over the last year the Social Point family has grown fast, incorporating a lot of new faces.

So over goats cheese salad, chuletón de ternera a la piedra, paella, fruit, wine and cava, we took time out to shoot the sea breeze, chat to new (and not so new) colleagues and find out a bit more about each other.

After lunch, CEOs Horacio and Andres raised a glass (or brindis) to toast the year and thank the Social Pointers for an awesome team effort. Then it was time to hit the pool deck for the rest of the evening, with some funky sounds, a mojito – and an impressive, impromptu poolside cancan courtesy of the Art Team (photos below.)

A massive THANK YOU goes to Maria, Montse, Eva, Jordi and Sandra – our amazing HR team – for marking the summer and rocking the party.

(And if this sounds good to you and you’re interested in becoming a Social Pointer, check out our latest job offers to find your perfect fit. )

*scarf-snatching – n. the Social Point sport of snatching a scarf from the hands of a colleague from HR and making it to the touchline before another colleague wrestles you to the sand. A lot of scarf. A lot of fun. 

Scarf-stealing in action. Highly immersive art of competitive sandcastle-building. Volley fun. Footie fun. Rocking out in the pool. Is the beer about to be water-blasted? Can we do it? Yes we cancan. The Art Team (and friends) kick back in style. CEO Andres showers Social Pointers with praise. Quite literally.
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