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Published: 6 years ago


Raise and breed! Fight and feed!

We’ve been dropping clues like crazy since last week… and finally it’s time to share the Big News!

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Our brand new strategy game Monster Legends  launches around the world today on Facebook! And watch out for iOS and Android versions later this Fall!

  • Breed fearsome hybrids – more than 70 unique monsters to find! And more to come!fcbk-play
  • Battle head to head in Adventure or Arena mode and fight your way to the top of the Leaderboard!
  • Unlock treasures in the Adventure Map as you defeat your adversaries!

Dare you enter the exciting world of Monster Legends – a place full of mythical beasts, dangerous quests and fearsome battles that will test your skills and stamina to the max?

Meet Pandalf, your mentor and guide in adventure. With his help you will hatch your first little monsters and marvel at their strange beauty.


But don’t be fooled.These cuties will grow up fast. And you don’t want to mess with an adult Electrex, Vapwhirl, Thundenix or Rawrawr – who has a serious digestive problem.


Breed your monsters to produce amazing (and alarming) hybrids. Feed them to level up. And explore different fighting models to conquer or be conquered.

Only your strongest Monster Squad will withstand the waves of enemy attack in the Adventure Map, and unlock its treasures of experience points, gold, food and gems.


And in the Monster Arena it’s all about strategy.  You’ll go head to head with other players, deploying your most elite fighting team, weighing up the odds, and defining your battle style as you select your enemies.


Meet the Monsters

We’re launching with 70 totally awesome Monsters for you to collect, breed and fight, and we´ll be adding more (as well as new features) every week  - to keep your adrenalin pumping.

Each monster has been created with masses of love, tenderness, respect – and a just a hint of humor in some cases. They come with their own personality and story, as well as a host of insane powers. And they can be leveled up fast to unlock extreme, new fighting skills.

So whether you’re unleashing Armageddon with the Thunder Twister, raining down Lava Balls on your foe or zapping them with a Nuclear Hit, the action will be pumping to the max.


Keep it Social

Like all our games, Monster Legends features full social integration with Facebook, so you can visit your friends, send them gifts and help them out.fcbk-play

And we’re unleashing the thrilling option to choose your enemies in the Monster Arena. Sift through thousands of online opponents, weigh up your chances and decide who your Squad will take on.

A Monstruously Talented Team

A monster-sized salute to our awesome Monster Legends development team. A total of 19 supremely talented Social Pointers put this game together to bring you a monstrous amount of fun. And remember, our Monster Legends Support Team and Forum is there to help you get the most out of your gameplay.


Monster Legends Playtips

We’ll share our playtips  with you here on our blog and look out for them on Twitter – just follow the hashtag #Monstertips.  Remember, be social. Share yours too!


Keep your monster squads balanced. Don’t rely to heavily on one element – it will lead to you ruin! Try to breed monsters often and pursue variety! Specialization is for insects…

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