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Published: 7 years ago

Social Point, Sponsor of the 10th Edition of the Master in Creation and Development of Videogames

Social Point already has more than 45 million Monthly Active Users and nowadays we are the third game developer company on Facebook. New job offers are out almost every week, therefore the company is always looking for professionals with good training and experience.

One of the biggest bets of Social Point is the investment and commitment on training potential professionals of the sector and spreading knowledge among the current active professionals. This is why we are already sponsoring events such as Betabeers or Barcelona JS.

This time we wanted to go one step further and we can proudly announce that we are going to sponsor the 10th Edition of the Master in Creation and Development of Videogames (Máster en Diseño y Creación de Videojuegos) that UPC School offers.

We value quality training, hence we like to focus our efforts on projects like this. In Social Point we are looking forward to incorporate young talent with a training focused specifically on business needs.

We’re 150 people and we continue growing. Social Point is young, dynamic, flexible, constantly evolving and concerned about quality preparation of professionals.

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