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Published: 7 years ago

Social Point shared entrepreneur’s knowledge at First Tuesday event

Yesterday  @ First Tuesday event in Barcelona, took place the discussion board with Andrés Bou and Horacio Martos, founders of Social Point. The forum was moderated by Carlos Blanco, entrepreneur and investor who has been closely following the evolution of Social Point.

Andrés and Horacio explained their experience as CEOs of the company. Furthermore, they gave an inside of how the company was created and where the business idea came from.

Both participants reviewed the beginnings of Social Point, the difficulties they faced along the way, the changes they had to make, failures and successes, and one of the most important things- how they closed successfully three funding rounds.

Making Social Point a prosperous social company hasn’t been easy, Andrés and Horacio said, but gradually they started getting very positive results that allowed them to hire more employees. Since then, the founders realized one thing: “When talented people gather together, magical things happen”.

The vision of Social Point that the CEOs had, and still have, is of a social game company focused on creating games that can be played worldwide without any demographic limits. By sticking tightly to this vision and focus, our company managed to become the fourth game developer on Facebook with the most MAU (Monthly Active Users). An important point of the interview was the plans of Social Point to keep expanding through mobile environment, aiming at reaching transmedia: start playing on one device and end up playing on another.

At the end of the evening, attendees of the event were able to ask question to Andrés and Horacio and tried to learn from their experience. The February edition of First Tuesday was closed with an advice given by Andrés Bou to future entrepreneurs: “Never give up, you must focus on your dreams, your products and your ambitions”.

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