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Published: 6 years ago



Being social means connecting with others. It means coming together and uniting around a common purpose. Here at Social Point that translates into giving back and connecting with our wider society.

That’s why we are proud and pleased as punch to announce that this year we’ll be partnering with the mSchools initiative, a multi-year, multi-faceted mEducation initiative led by the Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

The initiative aims to tackle dropout rates and low attainment in Spanish schools, and help kids gear up for higher education and jobs in the digital sector. And it’s estimated that in total it will positively impact as many as 1 million students in Catalonia alone.

Social Point will touch one of the key focus areas of the initiative: the App Education Course. Social Pointers of every discipline, profile, rubric and skillset and will be reaching out to kids to help mentor them in areas like programming, business development, marketing and user acquisition, and UX design. As our Biz Development virtuoso, Alicia Navarro says: “This is a project that will help build a better future for everyone involved. It’s going to be fun and hugely interesting -and not all one- way learning, for sure. There’s plenty for us to learn from smart, younger generations with their fingers on the pulse.”

This initiative kicks off at a time when Social Point will be re-confirming a strong commitment to supporting educational projects and building out our ties with institutions. In 2013/4 we will be fulfilling a long- term ambition to sponsor the new Masters in Videogame Design and Creation at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya!

So stay tuned, and watch out for updates as the project kicks off in the new term. And head over to Mobile World Capital for more info on the mSchools initiative.

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