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Published: 7 years ago

Social Point participates in a Documentary about Videogames


The immensity of the video game industry and its annual turnover is what has prompted Víctor Frías and Juan M. Pérez to embark on the creation of a documentary called Insert Coin. After filming in different cities in Spain, they are now in Social Point, Barcelona.

The film they are making aims to explain how the video game industry works in Spain, how it has grown in the last years and what the future holds for us. Besides Social Point, other companies from Madrid and Barcelona have already agreed to be part of the documentary and have explained their business experience within this rapidly changing sector, where innovate is a must-do.

Insert Coin has managed to realize this project thanks to Crowdfounding. They have submitted the idea of the documentary in Verkami, a website that is constantly looking for independent creators to help them find financing for the realization of their ideas.

If you want to know more about them visit the following links:

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