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Published: 6 years ago


Things are happening here at Social Point HQ!

Reports are coming in of Dragon City artists and the Tools Team taking up residence on the another floor of the building! We caught up with Tania Tirado, awesomely talented 2D artist and Dragon Master extraordinaire, and asked her what she knew about the situation.

“Yes, it’s true! The team here at Social Point is growing really fast. We have doubled our headcount in the last year alone, and we are still looking for talented people to join us and help us define the future of mobile gaming! Our teams of Dragon Masters and Monsters Makers are growing so much that we have had to take over another floor of the building.”

Project Lead Xavier Fradera is also caught up in the unfolding drama on Floor 8, and told us: “Social Point now occupies four floors in one of Barcelona’s most privileged spaces in the @22 innovation hub. Our new office space is state of the art, with spacious work areas, beautiful meeting rooms and a funky chill out area where you can let the creative juices flow. And the views of the city and the sea and just as awesome as they are on the other 3 floors. I’m stoked to be inaugurating the new Social Point floor!”

Social Point Community Manager and lead reporter, Sara Guerola, ventured down with her camera this morning and captured this developing story in action.  ”It’s teaming with artists, tool guys and I have seen some very small dragons in the meeting rooms, with what looked like eggs under the tables. It’s tremendously exciting!!”

Here’s a look at the new Social Point office on Floor 8 through the lens of Sara, where amazing and unusual things are happening as we speak.

See if you can spot the dragons in our midst…

empty 8th Floot

Brand new office awaits brand new dragons. 


We know the meaning of hard work here at Social Point. Oh yes. 


We have a stow-away from the 12th Floor. Star gets busted big time in the chill out zone. 


Well, they *did* say to set the world alight with creativity… Happily no one else seems to have noticed yet! 

dragons take over

And it’s confirmed. They have taken over the meeting room. The glasses and the tie are fooling no one, guys. 

Many thanks to Tina, Sara, Xavi, Star, Laser and the whole Floor 8 team for sharing their experiences with us.

Be sure to take a tour of our JOBS PAGE to see what current openings we have. And if you find a fit for your skills set and experience, why not get in touch?!

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