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Published: 5 years ago


“Social Point has put Barcelona on the worldwide social gaming map.”

This was the conclusion drawn by the Asociacion Independiente de Jovenes Empresarios de Catalunya (AIJEC) who named our co-founders and CEOs, Horacio Martos and Andres Bou, Young Entrepreneurs of 2013 last night in Barcelona. The prize, awarded by Catalan President Artur Mas, is the culmination of five years of dedicated work that has seen Social Point reach an active monthly user base of more than 50 million players around the world.

Our CEOs were in good company and warm congratulations go to fellow finalists, Carlota Pi of and Batec Mobility’s Pau Bach.

The AIJEC team captured the moment before and after the prize was announced at the Jaciment del Born Cultural Center.  In these short interviews Horacio and Andrés talk about the genuine importance of failing. And getting back on your feet. We’ve translated this snippets from Catalan below.


“Its a chance to share our experiences and it demonstrates how companies, like ours, put together by young people with relatively little experience can still become something important. And also it’s also about demonstrating to young people with ambition: if you work hard and are willing to grow, you can make it.”


“After 5 years of struggling and sticking with it, we’re incredibly happy to be here. The message I would share with other young business people and entrepreneurs is to keep fighting. If you fall, get straight back into the saddle. It’s effort and perseverance that bear fruit, that produce prizes and that bring you pride in yourself and your work.”


“Just to reinforce what’s been said so many times here tonight: failing is really important. In places like the US, it’s the companies that fail but get back up on their feet again that are most admired. We’ve done that, experienced failure, and the most important thing we’ve learned is to learn from your mistakes. You come out stronger. Anyone who tries – even if they don’t get it right first time but get back up and try again – is going to see their efforts rewarded in time.”

Congratulations to our CEOs and to our whole team – a very proud day for Social Point.

Horacio at AIJEC

Get back up each time you fail, your efforts will be rewarded – Martos


Catalan President, Artur Mas, awards the prize

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