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Published: 6 years ago

Put on your Poker Face and play!

What an amazing night we spent last Friday!
Social Point office became a huge game room where Games Night was celebrated. Thanks to HR it was an evening full of laughter, jokes, food and fun.

We played several games and did fun activities. While some of us were playing poker, others preferred ping pong or just chatting with a beer in the hand. Among all activities done along the evening the star game of the night was the Pictionary.

Even though with time some of us started getting giving up on games, we continued the evening dancing. After all the efforts put into winning different games and mini competitions we started to get hungry and what a better way to fill up energy than ordering (and later eating) a huge amount of pizzas! However, we can certainly assure you that all the hydrates were lost along the night, jumping, dancing, and singing.

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