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Published: 6 years ago



Something is stirring in Barcelona…

If you happened to be wandering around the Eixample, Parc Guëll, the Paseo de Gracia  or the Vila Olímpica yesterday,  you might have seen photographers snapping at Social Pointers, posing cheesily against well-known backdrops.

In case you missed the action, we thought we’d share some shots we caught and let you in on the fun.

Here, saying “cheese” are Carlos and Sara on an emblematic rooftop. Recognize it?


And who’s this but Andrés, Alejandra, Josep and Mitka showing demonstrating how to nail that Group Hug. Any idea where they are? (Easy one!)

la foto-1

The question is: why are photographers immortalizing Social Pointers in Barcelona hot spots? What is going on? Does the sun always shine in Barcelona? (Yep, mostly!) And could those smiles get any cheesier?

We are definitely up to something here at Social Point.

Stay tuned and all will be revealed in the coming weeks!

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