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Published: 7 years ago

Social Point CEOs experience and knowledge shared at Casual Connect

Social Point CEOs have been invited to Hamburg to participate in the Casual Connect, an Association of Casual Games where professionals from the industry gather together once a year. The conference is a perfect place for networking, getting to know great professionals and learning from each other.
Horacio Martos and Andrés Bou are giving a lecture today about the Cross-platform Experience Challenge from Facebook to mobile platforms. In the presentation, both founders reveal key factors for benefiting from cross-platforms experience, reaching higher user engagement and improving monetization.

Published: 7 years ago

Social Point shared entrepreneur’s knowledge at First Tuesday event

Yesterday @ First Tuesday event in Barcelona, took place the discussion board with Andrés Bou and Horacio Martos, founders of Social Point. The forum was moderated by Carlos Blanco, entrepreneur and investor who has been closely following the evolution of Social Point.
Andrés and Horacio explained their experience as CEOs of the company. Furthermore, they gave an inside of how the company was created and where the business idea came from.
Both participants reviewed the beginnings of Social Point, the difficulties they faced along the way, the changes they had to make, failures and successes, and one of the most important things- how they closed successfully three funding rounds.
Making Social Point a prosperous social company hasn’t been easy, Andrés and Horacio said, but gradually they started getting very positive results that allowed them to hire more employees. Since then, the founders realized one thing: “When talented people gather together, magical things happen”.

Published: 7 years ago

Social Point CEOs attending First Tuesday next February 5

Next Tuesday February 5 our Social Point CEOs, Horacio Martos and Andrés Bou, will be attending First Tuesday, that is going to be held at the completely refurbished Moritz Factory in Barcelona at 19:30. The forum is hosted by Carlos Blanco, entrepreneur & BA, very interested in Social Games and Akamon Entertainment founder. The event, which is sponsored by Arsys and Moritz, will be moderated by Blanco.
First Tuesday is a non-profit association that organizes Networking events between entrepreneurs and investors in Barcelona. These events are important for both sides looking for answers within the experiences of other entrepreneurs.

Published: 7 years ago

Social Point, 4th position in Facebook Developer Ranking by MAU

We are so proud to see how our hard work is rewarded. We gladly announce that Social Point has achieved another success: we’ve made it to the 4th position in the World Ranking of companies with the highest MAU (Monthly Active Users).
With a whopping over 35 million monthly users, we want to thank all those who have made this possible: users and employees.
However we don’t want to stay with these numbers. We want to put more effort, strength and desire to continue growing and providing new and better games.
So, from here, we want to announce that our next goal is to reach the podium of the top 3 social game companies.
Brace yourselves: Challenge accepted!

Published: 7 years ago

Dragon City for iPad and iPhone: coming soon!

We’ve got a great announcement. Dragon City, one of our most successful games is becoming mobile very soon. The same game from your Facebook is ready to jump to your iOS mobile device, you’ll be able to play Dragon City everywhere!
After months of hard work, this iOS App is going to be released on the next days (stay alert!). We want to leave here a little sneak peak for you all to enjoy what’s coming next.
A little step for a dragon but a big step for the game. We hope you enjoy it.

Published: 7 years ago

Chapter 4: The Return

Exhausted and sweaty, we all went to have a shower before the big Christmas meal was served. The corridor was crowded and shouts of victory were heard everywhere.
Before dinner everyone gathered in the house yard; some of us were singing songs while playing guitar and bongos. We also enjoyed talking about the great experience that we had just lived.

Published: 7 years ago

Chapter 3: The Final Battle

Once we reached the final battle, people started gathering around the ring, ready to encourage their favorite team.
When everything was ready, the first two contestants jumped on the inflatable stage. Our referee whistled and the weakest competitors started to fall from the stage one by one.

The count was 3 to 1 but then it got 3 to 3; the two groups tied and the game became much more exciting, 3-4, 4-4, 5-4, … Finally, the second team fell behind and lost all its possibilities. The die was cast and the best team won.

Published: 7 years ago

Chapter 2: The Adventure

During the amazing Gymkhana, all groups faced different types of Quests that would leave everybody stiff.
Some were struggling on the obstacle course, others tried not to receive many kicks in the human table football. Shouts of victory and defeat were mixed and heard everywhere. We participated in team building tests, where individuality had no place and all the members of the group had to stick toghether and achieve their goals joining their power. At the sack-race we saw entire groups falling to the floor and breathing dirt as real soldiers.

Published: 7 years ago

Chapter 1: The departure

As you know, last week we went to celebrate Social Point Christmas in a very unusual way. We spent two days in a holiday camp near Sitges. Before we got there, we knew that an awesome final prize was awaiting and that an incredible adventure was about to begin. Everyone was anxious and excited to know which prize was at stake.

Before leaving the office, the strongest boys loaded food, luggage and stuff onto the coaches. Stereo? Checked. Sleeping bags? Checked. Food? Checked. Drinks? Checked. We all were impatient and nervous. You could feel it in the air. Some were trying to guess the prizes (place your bets), others were finishing last minute work. We saw people going in and out of the rooms in silence. All was secrecy and excitement.

Published: 7 years ago

Social Point Christmas retreat!

We, Social Pointers, are about to embark into a great adventure.

This afternoon we are going in a 2-days Christmas retreat! Plenty of activities are awaiting: a great Christmas meal, a Gymkhana, and other secret things that we don’t even know!

We need to thank to all the Human Resources team for organizing this amazing event! We’ll let you know how it went and hopefully we will post awesome pictures!