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Published: 6 years ago

Social Point participates in a Documentary about Videogames

The immensity of the video game industry and its annual turnover is what has prompted Víctor Frías and Juan M. Pérez to embark on the creation of a documentary called Insert Coin. After filming in different cities in Spain, they are now in Social Point, Barcelona.
The film they are making aims to explain how the video game industry works in Spain, how it has grown in the last years and what the future holds for us. Besides Social Point, other companies from Madrid and Barcelona have already agreed to be part of the documentary and have explained their business experience within this rapidly changing sector, where innovate is a must-do.

Published: 6 years ago

Animac Fest Audience Award sponsored by Social Point

We are really proud to have collaborated in the 17th edition of Animac, the International Animation Film Festival of Catalonia. This year the festival broke the attendance record!
At the closing ceremony they delivered the Audience Award, sponsored by Social Point. The winner was “Fresh Guacamole” from the American animator PES (Adam Pesapane: Fresh Guacamole has swept around the world and was nominated at last year’s Academy Awards!

Published: 6 years ago

Social Point, sponsoring JS Barcelona

We gladly announce that Social Point (together with Estrella Damm) is officially sponsoring the Barcelona.JS, a usergroup focused on Java Script and related topics. They meet once a month, usually on the first Thursday at 7:45pm at Makers of Barcelona (C/ Bailén 11, Barcelona). During the next three months Social Point will be supporting these events to encourage them and the participants.

We believe in the unity and cooperation between these professionals, so one of our PHP developers, Javier Beaumont, will be giving a talk next Thursday explaining how to create a JavaScript game in few minutes using JQuery: memo.js.

Published: 6 years ago

Animation Industry is present in Videogames

As we had already announced some days ago, Julián del Rey, our Lead Artist, gave a talk at Animac, the International Film Festival of Animation.
“Not only short and long movies have a place in this industry, but also videogames.” This is what our colleague explained to the audience (students and animation professionals) who attended his talk: “Elevator Pitch Serveis”.
He summed up saying what Social Point is, a social gaming Barcelona based company that is hiring a lot of artists and animators. Moreover he emphasized that we aim to find more employees and that it is extraordinary and refreshing to find a company that is growing in such an explosive pace in the nowadays economy.

Published: 6 years ago

Social Point betting on art and animation at Animac

Since yesterday and until March 3, Social Point is at Animac, an International Film Festival of Animation in Catalonia.
The festival takes place in Lleida and it is organized by the Lleida City Council and the Generalitat of Catalonia. It was created in 1996 and it has become one of the most popular audiovisual events in Spain. For those who love animation, Animac is a perfect place to get in touch with professionals.
As you may know, Social Point aims to hire good animators, hence this year a stand has been placed in the Animac facilities and our HR representative is waiting for your résumés. We think that everyone is a potential Social Point worker!
We are very committed with those kinds of events that promote the exchange of creative ideas and generate relations between artists. This is why this year Social Point is bringing its knowledge to Animac: today our awesome Lead Artist Julián del Rey will be giving a talk about how to create an animation and how we do it in our company.

Published: 6 years ago

Social Point, new sponsor of Betabeers

In the next following 6 months, Social Point is sponsoring a networking event called Betabeers, which right now is being held in 19 cities in Spain, including Barcelona. Once a month, Betabeers organizes technical talks for web, mobile and hardware developers. It’s a perfect place for startups to present their projects and take advantage of networking.
We, in Social Point, believe in bringing many intelligent professionals together since it’s a way to promote knowledge and enhance personal and professional growth.

Published: 6 years ago

Barcelona hosts the Mobile World Congress 2013

For the eighth time in a row, Barcelona has been chosen to host the year’s Mobile World Congress. The congress is rated the world’s largest and currently Barcelona is regarded as the Mobile World Capital.

The event, that started yesterday, takes place at the Fira Gran Via and will last until February 28. Barcelona was chosen again to host the event since it is considered a city full of opportunities.

Published: 6 years ago

We work hard and we party harder!

An (extra)ordinary Friday evening at Social Point!
It’s a tradition that on Friday night we gather, laugh and drink some beers, but this Friday was a bit different and a bit bigger of an event!
It all started with a typical party dinner- burgers, chips, french fries, beer and once our tummies were full it was time for the comedian to step on the stage.

Published: 6 years ago

Bringing together practice and knowledge

It is great when business and universities come together to combine knowledge and practice!
Manel Tso, a young socialpointer, gave a presentation in front of academic figures in the university where he was recently graduated.

Professors, who are preparing for the next year classes, were exited to hear from their ex-alumni good practices in the process of creation of social games.Manel revealed helpful practices in game concept design, balancing, team creation etc. and also shared what type of knowledge he gained in the university was actually helpful when he went out in real life to work in the field of social games.

Published: 6 years ago

Put on your Poker Face and play!

What an amazing night we spent last Friday!
Social Point office became a huge game room where Games Night was celebrated. Thanks to HR it was an evening full of laughter, jokes, food and fun.

We played several games and did fun activities. While some of us were playing poker, others preferred ping pong or just chatting with a beer in the hand. Among all activities done along the evening the star game of the night was the Pictionary.