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Published: 2 years ago

Our offices are becoming more and more healthy and eco-friendly every day

We want our offices to be as comfortable as possible for all SocialPointers, so we’ve been carrying out some changes this year in order to improve the quality of Social Point’s services.

First of all, we have changed the vending machines. It’s important to eat nutritious foods, so we’ve exchanged the old products for healthy, new ones. We have an eye for design, too! The machines are based on our games and our corporate image: very colorful and fun. In the dining room, there are assorted snacks: chocolates, sandwiches, diet cookies, corn cakes, etc. Different options for whatever mood you are in. The gym area is equipped with a vending machine full of Nutrisport products to nourish and strengthen the muscles.

We have also implemented the Go Green project, a plan that helps us to be more conscious of how we respect and care for the environment. One of the actions we’ve done is adding a new machine to recycle all the cans consumed during our day-to-day at the office.


On the other hand, more and more Social Pointers are committed to the game of health, and we get more players every day. We have therefore added some new things to improve our experience at the gym. At the beginning of the year, we added two new machines: a TRX and a plyometric box. We have also started new master classes ideal for working out while having fun: Zumba, Boxing, Tai Chi, Metabolic Training, Paleo Training and much more!

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