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Published: 3 years ago

One of the most important gaming events took place in Barcelona

On the first week of October, we had the pleasure to be sponsors of one of the most important gaming events in Spain, the Barcelona Games World. In this event, some companies such as Sony, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Bandai Namco, Take Two or Microsoft, showed us the new games and products they are developing.

2016-10-09 20.03.55

We sponsored the professional area, concretely, all the conferences and events related to innovative and new tendencies.

One of the events that took place was a roundtable led by our CEO, Horacio, about “New horizons in the mobile game market”, where Horacio, together with other key people from the sector, discussed different topics: Market Maturity and Concentration; Pokémon Go, VR, and AR, among others. The speakers in this roundtable were Alberto Guerrero (CEO of Kerad Games), David Fernández (Executive Producer Bubble Witch Franchise of King), Victor Ortiz (Worldwide creative director and monetization coordinator of Gameloft) and Jordi Martín (Studio Manager at Ubi Mobile Barcelona).

2016-10-06 12.14.39

We were really pleased to share our games with all the attendees, that were more than 90.000, give them merchandising and bring them smiles with our dragons!

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