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Published: 6 years ago


Reports coming in of

Mayhem has broken out at the Social Point Headquarters here in Barcelona!

Terrifying monsters of every type, hue, persuasion and star sign have invaded the office. The 12th Floor is currently under monster occupation, and Social Pointers have reported battles between these beasts involving meteor strikes, thunder twisters, tension drops and zen fury.

One embattled Social Pointer, who wishes to remain anonymous, confirmed that at least 50 beasts were now installed on the top floor: “It’s crazy up there! It started out with a few eggs on top of the coffee machine. We thought we had the situation under control when they hatched into cute little guys and started hanging out and playing ping pong with the Backend Team.

“We had no idea they would grow so quickly and turn into these huge monsters. And now all kinds of chaos is going on… they’ve started having these mega Monster Battles, and raining down fire on each other … One of them seems to have some kind of “serious” digestive problem too. They’ve totally taken over the games lounge and the kitchen. We found something that looks like a cross between a wizard and a Panda stealing sandwiches from the fridge!”

Efforts are under way to keep the monsters contained on the 12th Floor and prevent a wide-scale monster invasion, but fresh reports are coming in of new monsters using the elevator shaft to escape.

Social Point is therefore issuing the following warning: Be alert for monsters wherever you are over the course of the next few hours! If you see one, approach with caution – there’s no telling what they may turn into!

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