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Published: 5 years ago


MONSTROUS NEWS, Monster Makers! As from today you can download Monster Legends for your Android smartphone or tablet. Raise and Breed, Fight and Feed on the go – wherever, whenever and however you like!

Monster Legends for Android has been stunningly realized for the touch screen experience, delivering all the thrills and excitement of your favorite game at your fingertips. So whether you’re in a cab, on the bus, taking the metro, waiting in queue, killing time, on your sofa… wherever you are, Monster Makers,  at the touch of a button you can SMITE your FOE in the Monster Arena and confront monstrous bosses in the Adventure Map.  And remember to activate Facebook Connect to connect with your friends and help them out!google-play

Fans of Monster Legends have been asking the Social Point team for an Android version for a while now. We sat down with Kasia Zendarska, our Monster Legends Mobile Project Manager, and asked her about making Monster Legends for Android.

“It’s been a journey delivering Monster Legends for the Android platform. Fans have been looking forward to this moment for a while and it’s awesome to be able to give them this experience. When you create a hit game for mobile, whatever the platform – iOS or Android – it’s all about going through a meticulous process of checks and balances, to make sure the end-game is the best it can possibly be.

“To make Monster Legends for Android we have assembled a killer team here at Social Point. Our backend team, mobile developers, game designers, level designers, artists, animators have worked like MONSTERS for several months to ensure that Monster Legends Android is an absolutely awesome game that will delight our players wherever and whenever they want to play!”

MLa screenshotWho let these bad boys out of the smartphone??

Monster Legends immerses players in an exciting world of legendary beasts, which can be raised and bred to create amazing new species. There are more than 70  unique Monsters to collect with new Monsters arriving every week!

Players can battle head to head in 3 on 3 combat in the Monster Arena. Or they can pitch their wits agains terrifying Bosses in the Adventure Map – an experience that promises to test their skills, strategy and stamina to the MAX. Choose your enemies, defeat them and steal their resources as you battle your way up the Leaderboard! And don’t forget to be social! Activate Facebook Connect to interact with your friends.

Monster Legends has garnered a stunning 4.6 STAR RATING so far in Google Play, and was voted one of Facebook’s Top 10 Games of the Year 2013.  Typical user reviews say: “Social Game of the Century!” “Epic!” “I LOVE This Game!” “OMG, Best Game Ever!”

Download Monster Legends for Android today and keep the fun coming, Monster Makers.

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