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Published: 6 years ago


Monster Legends fans, we are very pleased to present Rhynex, the Lightning Rod. He is Tuesday’s very special guest here in The Social Point of View. This big guy uses his horn as a lightning rod, to channel Nature’s most powerful Forces … and have his enemies on the run. Check out his awesome Monster Card below.


Rhynex has all the qualities you could want in a Monster – strength, patience, honesty … and a resistance to rain. In the Old Kingdom he held the role of rainwater collector for his Master, a Lord who only drank sweet raindrops from the sky. It is said he had a tremendous sense of smell and could smell the distant thunder and rain storms as they approached. A gift that has evolved into his ability to become a lightning rod … and a danger to all those who cross him.

Download and keep your very own RHYNEX MONSTER CARD ——)   RHYNEX MONSTER CARD

And don’t forget to check out Rhynex’s Personal Dossier with curious Facts and Stats about this big guy below:

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