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Published: 6 years ago


Monster Legends fans, meet Rarawr, the tank. He is Friday’s super special Monster Legends Monster guest – crashing into your screen in full tecni-color, horn- first. Check out this Friday’s awesome Rarawr Monster Card.



Rarawar is built to withstand damage. And to dish it out in huge quantities. This army tank of a beast was once an alchemist’s apprentice. In the Old Kingdom he took orders from a wise old man and pledged to learn the mysterious ways of alchemy. However Rarawr was never a patient or delicate pupil, and in his hurry to turn iron into gold he caused a terrible explosion! The smell from the explosion was so terrible, people fled their homes and didn’t return for a year!

Download and keep your very own Rarawr Monster Card right here —)Rarawr Monster Card

And here’s a look at Rarawr’s Personal Dossier, with a bunch of stats and facts about this big guy. Check out what Carlos, our Monster Maker, has to say about Rarawr too!


Get some Tank in your life, and put Rarawr to work in the Adventure Map or the Monster Arena today!   facebook play

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