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Published: 6 years ago


Illustrator, animator, artist and Monster Maker, Sergio hails from Spain’s beautiful capital city, Madrid.

He has been with Social Point since August 2013 and it responsible for dreaming up and designing some of the wildest and most monstrous of our Monster Legends. We caught up with Sergio between sketches and doodles, and asked him a few questions about what life is like when you make monsters for a living.

How do you spend your day at Social Point?

Believe it or not, I spend my day drawing (laughs.) In all honesty, most of my day is taken up drawing new monsters. The way it works is that I design a bunch of different monsters until I find that really special one that jumps out at me from the screen. When I have it, the first thing I do is send the different moveable parts of the monster to the animation team – the arms, hands, jaw, legs – all those parts of the monster that it’s going to be able to move. Then I focus on creating the different evolutionary stages each monster has. Then Carlos Martinez, our game designer, will come up with the name, character and powers for the monster. It’s a process that touches different team members.

sergio g2

Do monsters really exist? The 12th Floor at Social Point is full of them! 

Who normally comes up with the idea for a new monster – you or the game designer?

Either or both. Sometimes the designer will see the need for a certain type of monster and will give me a brief. Sometimes I come up with an original idea that I see as a good fit for the game.

So where does your inspiration come from? How do you come up with an idea for a new monster?

You can find inspiration in all sorts of different ways and from all sorts of different sources. Quite often I will be inspired by looking at what my colleagues are working on – you look at their designs and an idea will pop into your mind. Something else I do is to look at every day things – animals or simple things in every day life – and then bring them into the realm of fantasy.  Other times the idea will just arrive by itself – though this happens less often.

What kind of monsters do you like best?

I normally prefer the Dark monsters. I really enjoy thinking up creepy elements to add to the design.

Walk us through the design process.

Well, the first step is to decide which elements you want to create your monster in: Dark, Nature, Light, Thunder … Once your have decided on that, you need to think about how your design will convey these elements immediately – just by looking at it. You have to look for something specific to each element and bring in into the design in an attractive and coherent way. I think the real key is to design a monster than you like and that you enjoy drawing.

Sergio, the million dollar question: do you think an artist is born or made?

Wow, difficult question. I can only speak from my own personal experience. I’ve always loved drawing and I have drawn all my life. When I was around 17 I started to think about doing it professionally as a way to make my living. And after working in many different roles, mainly in advertising, I ended up in video games.

I think, on balance, an artist is made. You might be born with more or less innate ability, but I really think it’s about learning, honing your skills and perfecting them. And this is something that happens over time.


Here’s looking at you, yellow eyes! 

The team here at Social Point is growing all the time, and we’re always on the lookout for monster-sized talent. If you’d like to make monsters or dragons and other amazing characters come to life, and do if for a living, why not take a walk through our JOBS PAGE  and our LINKEDIN PAGE and see if you can find the fit for you.  Social Point is now one of the world’s leading makers of social, action, strategy games for mobile and we would love to have you join us.

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