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Published: 6 years ago


Product Manager Kasia hails from beautiful Poland. She is a gaming veteran and moved to Barcelona, amongst other things, to fulfill a dream of enjoying longer summers. Kasia has had a very major role in developing and releasing our Monster Legends game.

So Kasia, what does a Monster Legends Project Manager do?
Well we are like magicians. Making the impossible possible. So what we do in the Monster Legends Project Management team is ensure that everyone involved in the project is working on the  right things and they stay sync and in contact with the others.  Sometimes, this is pretty difficult,  as the team includes people from different departments. You have to be like information center. And then there’s stuff  like planning, scheduling, time management – it’s about making sure all is going well and according to the plan, or staying flexible to be able to change stuff as you go.


Kasia gets to grips with a blue friend at Social Point HQ.

How do you ensure that Monster Legends keeps evolving and developing as a game?
Well, we do a lot of iterations and there are a lot of us doing them!. Adding new monsters and game content, constantly checking what we can improve, trying new features, taking in to account our players opinions, checking forum, fixing most important bugs … you get the picture. And then once something new is implemented , we’re busy checking  the metrics to see  if players like it or not. It’s the players that really take the big decisions in how the game evolves (big Kasia smile).

What’s the best thing about your job?

It’s the people. And where the company is located, obviously!

So what’s your level in Monster Legends? 

In the real account where I’m playing without cheating?   I’m on level 20.

Kasia for blog post

Kasia, the Monster Maker…

What is your favorite part of the game – what do you like doing best?
Monster Arena. This is not just a battle. You are standing in front of  real players. And  you have to choose your best team, strategy. It’s super challenging.

So, how would you describe Social Point culture. Kasia?

Social Pointers are characterized by being very open-minded. And they relish a challenge – every day.

And life in Barcelona, what’s it like?

There’s so much to do here.  My ambition when I got here was to buy, sail and live on a boat. And I’ve done it. The summers are so long you really get to enjoy them. In the winter I go snowboarding in the Pyrenees, which are so close you can head out every weekend if you want.

Any advice for anyone looking for a career as a Project Manager.

If you are calm, open, flexible, organized and dynamic, you’ll be a great fit.

And if we had to twist your arm and ask you which is your favorite Monster Legends monster? What would you say?

The problem is I have more than one. But so far Terror Dactyl, Pandalf (of course ;p),  Lostyghost … they all seem to be cute and shy, but packing some fighting spirit when it’s needed …  I can’t wait for new Christmas ones!

kasia and monster

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