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Published: 6 years ago


Mallorca native Carlos cut his teeth as a Level Designer using the Unreal Engine in his native Palma. An unquenched curiosity about social gaming led him to us, however, and he began his career at Social Point as a Level Designer before moving into the role of Game Designer on Monster Legends.

Carlos, what does a game designer do?

Well, a really broad description would be that we define the player experience. In social gaming specifically, it involves detecting which areas of the game need some improvement – in user experience and in social interaction – and finding solutions. It’s that and a whole bunch of other things!

You’re a Monster Maker. Tell us what you do on Monster Legends.

My job in Monster Legends is to design the monsters. I’m the one creating the names and deciding which kind of attacks the monsters will have. I work closely with the Art Team to define the animations and attacks that the units will perform. I’m also the one scripting these attacks and documenting what effects they have visually and in terms of gameplay.

Is making Monsters as much fun as it sounds?

One of the best things about my work is that usually you do different things every day. Some days, I have to sit down with different artists and talk about how to make the visual effects for the next attacks.

I think I present fairly good original ideas, but when you meet the artists, they take your thoughts and make them so much better. It’s great to work with professionals this creative. Then on other days I will sit down with programmers and figure out how do do what I want with the actual code. Or else we’ll be trying to work out why an attack is not behaving as it should. It’s like intensive detective work.

Carlos 3

Making a game is a game too.

One of the things I love best is coming up with the names for the Monsters. Once we have the attacks defined, we have to decide what to call these beasts. I try to find names that have a special meaning.  Or hide an Easter Egg inside a name. Good ones are Abada’s Charge, MK Rock or Polipehmus Rage

Tell us about your team.

As a developer, this is one of the best teams I’ve worked with.

I’m not talking about the human qualities of these guys. I mean that they know their stuff. As soon as problems appear, they generate solutions like wild fire.

Working with artists is really fun. When I am explaining animations or attacks, I generally start with lines of text.  But sometimes this isn’t enough, so I have to physically enact what the Monster would do. It’s my job and I have to take it seriously – so if I have to get on the floor and walk like a four-legged beast, I do it. It’s a bit odd at first, but the team has gotten used to it I guess.

3It’s behind you. Monster Maker Carlitos gets to grips with a green friend. 

One day I was demonstrating a melée attack for a biped Monster, and I couldn’t understand why everyone was looking at me strangely. It wasn’t until I turned round and saw our investors in the board room laughing at me that I got the joke.

Do you play Monster Legends much?

Of course!! As a player I like the breeding part best – even though I already know all the combinations. And I still get excited and pleased when I hatch an Epic Monster, cos I know how hard it is.

So who is your favorite Monster?

Ah well, I’d have to say it’s the last one I have done to be honest. Today it would be (SPOILER ALERT!!) RODOLPH and the EVIL PRESENT!

How did you get into gaming?

I really think gaming choose me. An opportunity appeared and I decided to grab it. I was lucky to have people believing in me, and my attitude and aptitude brought me where I am today. After many years working on shooters and games for consoles, I wanted to change; to learn from different people, other platforms and other studios. Another opportunity appeared. I feel lucky about being able to work in one of the top companies in this genre, giving what I’ve learned during my working years, and learning a lot from really nice people.

You traded the lovely Palma de Mallorca for Barcelona. Any regrets?

None! Barcelona is so alive.

Carlos 2A room with a view. We reckon Social Point HQ has the best views of Barcelona. What do you think?

Barcelona is truly cosmopolitan with so much to do and so many places to go. As they say, the whole is much more than the sum of the parts.

What would be your number one playing tip for our players?

Base your decisions on what will happen in the long term. Two candies tomorrow might be better than one candy today. #BCNPlaytips

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