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Published: 5 years ago


Last week we announced our Fan Art Competition had been won by the amazing Felidae Dragon – a beautiful, feline dragon with leopard-like spots and awesome antlers. Felidae was created by Kayla Sliger, Dragon City fan and awesomely talented art student from York, Pennsylvania.  Our fans mean everything to the team here at Social Point, so we were STOKED when Kayla agreed to sit down and tell us a bit more about herself and where she got the idea for Felidae from.

Kayla Sliger p.7-1

This is Kayla’s awesome design for Felidae – our Art Team was stunned by this dragon

Kayla, congratulations on winning our Fan Art Competition! Tell us about yourself: Where are you from and what do you do?

I’m from York, Pennsylvania in the United States, and I’m an animation student at The Art Institute of York, PA. I’ll be graduating in June!

Tell us, how long have you been playing Dragon City?

I started playing Dragon City when it first came out for Facebook, about the same time I started college. So that is nearly three years now!  It really helped with the long, boring days!

Why did you enter the contest?
I like the game, and designing dragons is really fun. I thought it would be awesome to see my dragon in the game so I gave it a shot!

Did you expect to win?
Not really, there are a lot of people who play the game – I’ve read that there are about 50 million people playing every month.

Are you happy with the way Felidae Dragon turned out?

I love it so much – I am just grinning ear to ear! It looks totally radical – and the baby is adorable :-)

Fideae Dragon Evolutions

Felidae is our latest addition to Dragon City – thanks to Kayla! 

OK, let’s talk a bit about Dragon City  - what do you like most about the game?

It’s just such a great way to pass the time. The designs are so varied and interesting to see and I love collecting all the different dragons.

So, apart from Felidae Dragon, is there a special dragon that occupies a space in your heart?

Probably the Blizzard dragon, I got it early on in the game and it helped me win a bunch of matches. His design is also very sleek and pretty, and what’s not to like about an ice dragon that rolls around in lava?

You’re an art student, Kayla. What do you expect to do after to you graduate?

I hope to get a career as an animator, maybe for Dreamworks if I can. At some point I want to have my own animated show about my story of dragons I’ve been writing for years, that would really make me happy.

What does it mean to you to have won our Fan Art Competition?

I’m so stoked I can’t make coherent words! It’s just so cool. Grinning ear to ear.


Kayla and Felidae catch some Spring rays in Pennsylvania.

Remember, our Fan Art Competition kicks off again this month. Check out our Community Page for details on how to enter and to upload your Monster or Dragon to the competition. Each month we will select one winner from the entries that we receive, and the winning Monster or Dragon will be adapted into the game by our Social Point Art Team.

Again, a heart-felt THANK YOU to every single person who has sent us a drawing, sketch or design. Your creations have made us smile! Because of the sheer quantity of applications, it is not possible for us to answer each of you personally, but we LOVE your designs. Keep them coming please, and good luck to you all!

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