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Published: 6 years ago


Social Point is growing. Nearly every week we welcome a new Social Pointer to our growing team. And yesterday was no exception.

But these new team members have already ruffled a few feathers! And they’re only 4 months old!

At 4pm sharp, the entire Social Pointer cohort received an invite to head down to our Games Lounge, to give a warm welcome to two very special new members of our family. Now getting together to hang out as a team is always fun. The Marketing Team gets a chance to shoot the breeze with the Backend Guys. Our Game Designers get to blind the Analytics Team with their Hawaiian shirts. Our Community Team has a chance to fire a few Nerf guns at the Artists. And we all get to check out the latest additions to our Social Point family and give them a warm Social Point welcome.

So you can imagine our surprise when we discovered that our brand new Social Point team mates were… two beautiful, baby Macaw parrots!

Our CEOs Andrés and Horacio made the introductions. Our new pets are a baby boy and girl – they are only 4 months old, and Macaws will typically live up to 60 years. They are highly social animals – perfect for the Social Point team! And they are amongst the most intelligent species of birds, with a great sense of fun and affection.

Our Social Point Macaws don’t have names yet – we’re brainstorming what to call them! But we’ll keep you updated on all progress. In the meantime, please join us in welcoming the youngest, most colorful Social Pointers in our team!  And don’t forget, if  you’d like to join us too, be sure to check out all our open job positions! We’d love to meet you too.

loros blog

Demonstrating a Social Point speciality: how to turn an idea on its head. 

parrot 2

Thinking outside the box – our girl Macaw shows her true colors. 


Feed to level up! Carlos gets to grips with our boy Macaw.

parrot 1

Lean on me: Andrés passes the buck to Kasia. 

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