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Published: 6 years ago



Barcelona donned wings of fire this weekend. The city was ablaze with light, music, firecrackers, pyrotechnics and … dragons. From Friday to Tuesday, we celebrated La Mercè, our biggest, brightest and LOUDEST street party. Over the course of the festival, which commemorates Barcelona’s patron saint, the city played host to gegants - giants figures that parade the streets – street performers, human castles in the form of castellers and a crazy mishmash of more than 500 different events. We rocked out to no fewer than 160 concerts, were entertained by more than 2,000 actors, dancers and singers, and partied into the small hours with 2 million fellow revelers.

Things came to a dramatic climax on Sunday night, when the Via Laietana was brilliantly lit up by the flames of the correfoc.

The life and soul of this party, el correfoc (which literally means running with fire) is a full-on, no-holds-barred pyrotechnic blow-out. Party-goers dressed as devils, accompanied by fire-breathing dragons and armed with sparklers, fireworks, rockets and firecrackers took possession of the Barrio Gótico transforming the city into a living, breathing – and burning – Dragon City.

In case you missed the fun, here’s a re-cap in photos. Remember, Barcelona becomes Dragon City in September every year. So mark your calendars!

And if you are new in town or visiting Barcelona, take a look at our Barcelona play tips - hints, tips, advice and suggestions from Social Pointers on where to go and what to do! Share yours – #BCNplaytips.

20130815_193131 1229945_612537325465895_658392238_n 1240561_10201931078185968_95410180_n Don' t mess with this guy. Christoph Bruger gets up close and personal, dragon-style.
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