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Published: 6 years ago


Solid analytics are vital to the work of every team here at Social Point.

For the product team, they are essential in terms of taking decisions, A/B testing and game balancing; but even engineers need access to real-time analytics to detect problems on the hoof. However, setting up a fail-proof analytics process that delivers information where and when they are needed comes with plenty of challenges in high traffic social gaming.

Amongst the major challenges we face are:

-  Managing Big Data –processing the sheer volume of data we receive.
-  Millions of daily active users, hundreds of thousands of concurrent players.
-  Real time analytics represent a very specific challenge –  and require different technologies from standard analytics.
-  Flexibility – Social Point is a very dynamic and fast changing company, so our analytics solutions needs to be flexible and to be able to adapt quickly.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Marc Canaleta (pictured), was invited to the AWS Summit here in Barcelona last week.  He talked to a capacity audience about all the data flow processes that happen between the games and our analytics database. He also talked about how we found a solution that is economic and highly scalable, with high availability.

Here we share Marc’s presentation, so please go ahead and take a look. And if you have a question for Marc, feel free to leave us a comment!

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