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Published: 6 years ago


Guia ML

Who doesn’t want their very own Epic Monster?

If you are a Monster Legends fan, you’ll know plenty about Epic Monsters! These unusual creatures are rare, often beautiful, have awesome stats and are generally better at generated gold than others. But they can be hard to acquire. Breeding an Epic Monster requires dedication and patience. If you think you have what it takes to breed one, read on…

The good news is that some Epics can be achieved through regular breeding. And the probability of getting one of these gorgeous guys is actually quite high.

Easier to Breed Epics

The easier Epics to breed are:

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- Pandalf (Magic &  Nature)

- Musu (Water & Earth)

- Fayemalina (Light & Dark)

- Goldcore (Light & Earth)

Try placing two monsters with the right elements in the Breeding Mountain, and the chances are see if you get your Epic


The lovely Musu – try mixing Rockilla with Mersnake and see if you get this beauty! 

Harder to Breed Epics

Some Epics can only be bred by mixing Monsters with opposite elements. However you can’t breed opposite elements directly in the Breeding Mountain. So what to do?

The ideal solution is to use hybrid Monsters, and breed two that have a combination of opposite elements.  When they breed, one of the elements of the first Monster and one element from the second Monster will be randomly chosen. If you’re lucky, these two chosen elements will match those of an Epic Monster.

Try to breed a Rhynex monster!

Nature and Thunder are opposite elements. So in order to get an Epic Nature/Thunder monster, place a hybrid monster with a Nature element – like Rawawr – together with a Thunder type like Terrordactyl.

If you don’t succeed the first time, keep on trying till you do!


Will you get Rhynex if you blend Rawar with Terrordactyl??

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