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Published: 6 years ago


Our co-CEO Andres: Success is at your fingertips.

Barcelona’s vibrant tech startup scene keeps going from strength to strength.

Last week we were thrilled to be part of The Next Web @ Barcelona  (TWN@Barcelona) – a dynamic tech startup powow that that pulled in more than 300 attendees (despite the summer downpour!)

We heard from a host of speakers and panelists, from rookies to startup veterans; as well as a posse of top-notch investors with advice on how to start a business.

With Barcelona emerging as a new world hub for social gaming, Social Point co-CEO Andres Bou was invited to take part in a special panel discussion on the sector, together with Vicenç Martí from Akamon.

Andres talked about  how the Catalan capital is gearing up to become an international tech hot house, with excellent opportunities for funding and talent acquisition.  He also shared a bit of Social Point’s vision – and some success secret sauce – focusing on the need to have a “unique product or niche” to make it in the startup scene.

The TNW team has put together this cool Storify account with highlights from the evening. And in the spirit of sharing the love, we have rounded up 10 of the top hints, tips, how-tos and bits of advice from TNW@Barcelona, for anyone out there thinking of starting your own business.

Many thanks again to Robin Wauters, the awesome team at The Next Web and to Barcelona. IO for a great night of ideas and debate.

Your 10 Point Plan for Tech Startup Superstardom

  1. Know your targets.  What is their number 1 problem and how will you solve it?
  2. Think GLOBAL. Your product should be attractive to the widest public.
  3. Take risks. Playing it safe won’t necessarily lead you to success.
  4. Be mobile. The mobile market is where the action is!
  5. Engage your employees. Happy, productive employees are key to your startup success.
  6. Want press coverage? Provide controversy, uniqueness, recognizability and exclusivity. (Oh, and the press love numbers!)
  7. Bootstrap as much as possible to drive growth.
  8. Don’t wait to go after the US market.
  9. Be amazing. And keep being amazing.
  10.  And for anyone thinking of starting up in Barcelona… forget the beach, for now. You’re going to be too busy. Stick with it and there’ll be beach fun later!


Any points you would add?

TNW@Barcelona: 300 attendees enjoyed talks & panel debates (and a complementary beer from Estrella Damm.)
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