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Published: 5 years ago


If you happened to be in Barcelona last night, you might have been drawn to the buzz going down in our hip Raval district. Gamelab, Spain’s premier video games conference, rocked the party till the wee small hours, celebrating its annual Awards Gala shindig at the Filmoteca de Catalunya.

Social Pointers were there in force to witness our CEOs collect the FICOD award for Spain’s most innovative studio. A huge honor for our entire team and a source of real pride to us all.

Many of us headed to Gamelab this week to sample the various delights on offer. Our Monster Legends developers, Carlos Martínez and Ignacio Montes, were on hand yesterday to talk to developers, gamers and the press about our latest title for Android. And co-CEO Horacio Martos joined a panel with Nordeus chief, Branco Milutinovic, Jan Wedekind of King and London Venture Partners’ David Gardner.

Our CEO and co were invited to shares thoughts and insights on how small independent studios are blossoming into billion dollar businesses with exceptional games. Timing is critical. This was the shared view of the panelists: knowing how to yoke your release to market needs, and having the flexibility to change direction swiftly are the hallmarks of studios that are growing in the independent gaming space.

The Social Point team is stoked to have been named Spain’s most innovative studio. Our beautiful Gamelab trophy has done the full rounds across the four floors of our Barcelona HQ and this afternoon joins the growing ranks of our prizes and awards display here on Floor 10.

For those of you that couldn’t make it, here’s a look at some of the Social Point highlights of Gamelab 2014.

Gamelab 2014

Horacio Martos talks billion dollar business at Gamelab 2014

Gamelab 2014 7

“Adapt to your environment. Don’t remain stuck to one type of game.” – Martos

Gamelab 2014 5

CEO Andrés Bou takes the stage to accept the award of Spain’s most innovative studio

Gamelab 2014 2

There’s a whole lotta Social Pointers in this winners shot – can you spot them all?

Gamelab prize 1

And here he is: this is one cute little guy we’re all very proud of here at Social Point

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