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Published: 5 years ago


An amazing event took place this October (24th-26th) and it shook up our offices:
Our 1st GameJam and was a complete success!

48 talented Social Pointers specialized in different areas – developers, artists, technicians… – accepted the challenge of creating a videogame in 48 hours. They worked in teams, developing different projects. Great professionals got together, competing, having fun and showing their talent. All of them were fighting for the same goal: creating the best videogame, which would lead them to winning the most coveted prize: an iPhone 6! Our offices became the participants’ working space as well as their home during the GameJam, as they spent the entire weekend fighting for victory!

20141025_1st Game Jam - Social Point_0103 20141025_1st Game Jam - Social Point_0091 10801470_956542387695434_2266863960931314302_n 10395848_956544307695242_3031761197614938046_n

Once their creations were finished all the people in the company took the opportunity to have a great time playing the games, which were shown in a presentation. Each Social Pointer did their bit by voting for their favorites!

20141029_Showroom 1st Game Jam_041 20141029_Showroom 1st Game Jam_008

We want to thank all the participants that made it possible to achieve this feat! We’ll definitely repeat this experience soon!

20141029_Showroom 1st Game Jam_138

To sum up, and according to the adage…
A picture is worth a thousand words, so here you have some of the great moments we spent together during this intense and awesome weekend!

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