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Published: 5 years ago


Dragon Masters and Monster Makers, we have been overwhelmed by your amazing designs for Dragon City and Monster Legends. Some truly beautiful, strange, unusual and some totally terrifying dragons and monsters have arrived on the desks of the Social Point Art Team for judging this month. We collected together the entries for May and June this time, as we’ve been very busy preparing something very special (watch this space for a big announcement this week!!) so we apologize for keeping you waiting and in suspense. The guys in Art will review the finalists over the next few days and we will announce the winner on MONDAY!!

In the meantime, here’s a look at some of the finalists!

We would LOVE to say THANK YOU to every single person that has sent in their amazing design. You are the best and most talented fans in the world and it has given us great pleasure to see how Dragon City and Monster Legends have inspired you!


Monster Loch Ness by Elisa Matteo for Dragon City – a Scary Scot!


Ginie Dragon is here to grant your every wish, as imagined by Mursyid Hulk


Kevin Bibollet’s Mythic Dragon sporting a magnificent mane of golden hair


Sharp Claws Dragon: this little guy has a future in hairdressing – designed by Mohamed Asgail


This cheeky chappy is called Monkey Dragon and he belongs to Martha Sagar

A massive Social Point THANK YOU to absolutely everybody who has sent in their design. And check back with us on Monday to see who our final winner will be!

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