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Published: 6 years ago


Dragon Masters and Monster Makers – BREAKING NEWS from Social Point HQ. We have a winner for April’s Fan Art Competition. Please meet the terrifying, the beautiful, the feline, the indisputably awesome … (drum roll) … Felidae Dragon!

Felidae is the biological family of the cats; a member of this family is called a felid. The most familiar felid is the domestic cat, which first became associated with humans about 10,000 years ago, but the family includes all other wild cats, including the big cats.

Felidae Dragon is the brainchild of Kayla Sliger, who is studying at the Art Institutes in York, Pennsylvania, US. Kayla sent us this amazing drawing of Felidae and his elements.

Felidae Dragon, nature/war
This dragon has qualities of nearly every big cat you can think of! (And even house cats, hence the bell!)
Its scales resemble the spots of a leopard. The antlers look like tree limbs for added camouflage.

Kayla Sliger p.7-1

What’s new, pussy cat? This is the totally awesome design that pulled off first prize in April’s Fan Art Competition

You can read a full interview with Kayla Sliger right here!

The quality of the submissions to this month (AND last month’s) Fan Art Competition has been absolutely amazing! We have received stunning dragons and monsters from awesomely talented players all over the world. And the entire team here at Social Point would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to absolutely EVERYONE that has taken the time and trouble to create an incredible beast of legend or fire breather. You have amazed us with your creativity and imagination – we genuinely did not expect the standard to be so incredibly high!

So the final decision has been very difficult. In the end, Felidae Dragon charmed our Art Team with his feline beauty, originality and funky leopard spots.

Here’s a look at our Dragon City Art Lead, Jordi Villa’s, first attempt at adapting him for Dragon Cityl

Fideae Dragon Evolutions

This little guy gets bigger and better as he grows up! 

And here he is in all his glory, a fully grown Dragon Felidae, ready to take feed and level up, acquire new skills and smite his enemies in the Dragon Stadium. How would you like to own a mighty dragon like this guy?


Felidae… but does her roar, or purr? 

Check back with us next week as we interview Kayla Sliger, the Dragon Master behind Felidae Dragon,  to find out what inspired her to make him.

And here’s a look at some of the other AMAZING monsters and dragons that we have received this month. A huge shout to EVERYONE that contributed a unique design or drawing to the Fan Art Competition. The standard is incredible and the creativity has been mind-blowing. We can’t contact you all individually to say thank you – but the whole team has been blown away by the talent, humor and wittiness of our fans. YOU. GUYS. ROCK.


Nuclear Dragon by Sebastian Serrano. Don’t mess with this dude. Ever.


Frog Dragon by Abner Jonatan Orejon Mammani – are those red wings awesome, or what?


Triple Trouble. Three Times the Trouble, Three Times the Fun – from Tine Bergmans


Cheese Dragon by Gunjan Ganguli. A cheesier guy you are unlikely to meet. 

Once again, a massive SOCIAL POINT THANK YOU to all of you – and don’t forget, our Fan Art Competition for May will be open to participants from May 2! So get creative and send us your dragons and monsters for Dragon City or Monster Legends. Good luck everyone!

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