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Published: 6 years ago


Dragon Masters! More Dragon-shaped fun from our mega-talented Dragon City Art Team.

Next up it’s Ruben Alvarez, Senior 2D artist and store

We asked Ruben and friends to unleash their imagination and show us what happens in Dragon City when you take a break from playing. We also told them to give 100% free rein to their own unique style and creativity. We’ve been blown away by what they’ve come up with.

See what you think!

Here’s Ruben with an especially festive take on Christmas in Dragon City. Happy Holidays, everyone!

tira-comica-ingles (1)

Ruben Álvarez, Senior 2D Artist and Illustrator Dragon City

Ruben what do you do at Social Point?

I work on Dragon City – which is an awesome job! I’m a senior 2D artist and I’m also an

How would you sum up your style?

In an nutshell? It’s a mix of classic cartoon and manga.

Who inspires you most in the art world?

My favorite artists are Otto Schmidt, Frank Cho, Katsushiro Otomo, y Naoki Urusawa.

Do you have a favorite dragon?

I do, and there’s only one for me. It has to be the Chinese Dragon every time… He’s Rock ‘n’ Roll!


Ruben and the Chinese Dragon know how to ROCK the Christmas PAR-TAY!

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