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Published: 6 years ago


Ever wondered what happens in Dragon City  when you take a play break?  How does the Ice Cube Dragon chill in his time out? Does Soccer Dragon knock a ball around with Cool Fire? Or how about Mummy Dragon  - does he like to wrap up tight for winter walks?

Our awesome Art Team has had some fun thinking about what Dragon City might look like beyond the game. We asked each of them to create a Dragon City cartoon strip – in their own unique style – and show us how they imagine a world of fire-breathers and winged hybrids might look.

First up, Dragon City according to the mega-talented Maria Muñoz. 



Maria, tell us what you do here at Social Point.

I’ve been in Social Point since February, so I am almost a full year’s veteran here! I’m an illustrator. Which means I do a wide bunch of stuff – from designing dragons to building out the graphics in promotions. It’s a cool job and one that gives me a lot of variety at work, which is important to me.facebook play

Tell us about your style. 

As an illustrator you have to be able to draw in a variety of different styles, and I enjoy that part of it. I guess I would have to say that my own personal style is influenced by Japanese art.

So who inspires you?

There are a lot of artists that really inspire from the classical to contemporary. I’m influenced by artists from the Art Deco period, like Klimt or Schiele, though I also really admire contemporary comic artists and illustrators. I am a fan of Renji Murata and Yoshitaka Amano for instance. I think their work is store

You’ve imagined the world of Dragon City beyond the game. In the game itself, do you have a favorite dragon?

I have to say I probably like the dragons on Level 21 the best. They’re more hardcore in a sense. I’d probably opt for Toxic Dragon – I love it that he has all those eyes!


 Maria and Toxic – cute guy despite the name. The eyes have it!

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