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Published: 6 years ago


What goes on in Dragon City when you’re not there?

Here’s Tania Tirado, one of our insanely talented artists here at Social Point, with a look at what Deus and the Dragons get up to behind the scenes. Welcome to Dragon City – The Comic Strip!app store

We’ve asked our Art Team to share their individual style and showcase their creativity, imagining what goes on in Dragon City (and Monster Legends!!) when you take a break from the game. So far we’ve heard from Ruben, Vila, Tiago and Sergio. Each artist has his or her own vision and unique signature. Enjoy! And why not leave us a comment telling us which dragon you’d like to see in the Comic Strip?








Deus experiences the power of the mighty Icecube Dragon…

Tania Tirado, Animator Illustrator at Social Point. 

Tania, you work with the mega-talented Art Department in a team where everyone has their own style and personality. How would you describe your style?

I’m a cartoonist, through and through. I love characters with huge eyes – I’m a sucker for beautiful eyes! And I really like designing cute characters and bringing them to life.

What do you do here at Social Point?

I’m an animator and illustrator. I do illustrations for promos and special features of the games. I also support tasks associated with the interface. I’ve been working at Social Point for less than a year, but it feels much longer because of the enormous amount of things that happen and the variety of each day. It is full on and full of

Is there a style or an artist that you feel inspired by?

I’ve loved Disney cartoons since I was a child. But to be more specific, I’d say I’m probably most influenced by Maria Pascual, a Spanish illustrator who was working from the 1940s through to the 1990s.  I love her stuff.

OK, so do you have a favorite Dragon?

Of course I do. For me it’s the one and only Electric Dragon. He lights up my heart!


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