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Published: 6 years ago


More fun from Dragon City. Have you ever stopped to wonder what goes on in YOUR Dragon City when you take a play break? What do your Dragons get up to?

How do they keep themselves entertained until you come back to feed and breed and fight them?app store

This is the question we put to our amazing Art Team. We asked them to imagine Dragon City – behind the scenes. And you’ll be blown away by what they came up with.

Each artist re-creates Dragon City in their own unique style. First off we dipped into the amazing mind of Maria Muñoz and her take on the Cloud Dragon.

Next up, here’s Jordi Villaverde, our Dragon City Lead Artist… with a cautionary tale about naughty dragons.

tira_comica_byvilla (1)

Jordi Villaverde, Lead Artist Dragon City

Villa, what do you do here at Social Point?

I’m the Lead Artist on Dragon City, which means that most of the Dragons in the game come from my hand, so to speak. I’ve been here for 3 years now – how time flies…

What’s your style?

I’d describe it as cartoon, though within the cartoon genre there’s a bunch of room to adopt and try out different styles. I can go from realistic to caricatures depending on the need. I try to enjoy what I’m drawing. That’s a maxim for me – enjoy what you do!

Are there any artists that really inspire you?google-play

There are lot of artist that inspire me, but if I had to choose any in particular I’d go for a group of Spanish comic artists. My favorites are Enrique Fernandez, Josep Homs, Jordi Lafebre, Oriol Hernandez (my teacher at Joso school) and Miquel Montlló. I can say that I have some friends inside this group of talented people, which makes me a lucky man! :D

Do you have a favorite dragon?

I’d probably choose the Viking Dragon. Vikings are fun to draw and this dragon was one of the first I created – about a year ago!


Villa, as seen by Villa. 

If you’d like to join our team, take a look at our current job openings and see if you find a fit. Our team is growing all the time, and if you have the talent, we have the playground.

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