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Published: 6 years ago

Dragon City now available for iPhone and iPad!!

COVERfinal_enviarDragon City is now available for iPhone and iPad! Since today you can find it on the App Store!!!

Dragon City was launched in May 2012 on Facebook. Nowadays, it is a total hit with more than 6 million players enjoying it every day!

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In Dragon City users can raise dragons and make them fight against others prevaling only the most powerful ones. They can place dragon’s habitats on different islans and create new dragons and species from breeding the already existing ones. There are hundreds of species to discover and each one of them have different powers, special skills, strengh and weaknesses.

As a living creatures, users need to grow and harvest food in farms so they can feed and raise their dragons. Different buildings can be built through all the floating magical islands. Users can visit their friend’s islands, to help others, to send them requests and gifts and also enter into combats against real people in the Player versus Player mode.

  • Hundreds of different species of dragons, including the option to hatch surprising hybrids
  • Over 160 fun goals and challenges
  • Fierce head-to-head dragon showdowns
  • Real-time PVP (player versus player) duels against dragon masters all around the world
  • Social integration, letting players visit their friends’ islands, send gifts, team up for battles, and more!
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Dragon City Mobile, which will be fully synchronized to Facebook, will let players to enjoy on every moment of the day playing the game. They will be able to harvest food and attack players anytime anywhere which makes it more comfortable to play and enhances the gameplay experience.

Since July 2012, our team has been working hard and making possible to release Dragon City  on iPhone and iPad. They’ve been giving it the proper shape to make this amazing experience possible.

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