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Published: 6 years ago


Big news for all you Android users out there!!

As from today, Dragon City will be available to play on your Android mobile device, so you can enjoy hatching, raising and fighting your dragons whenever, wherever you are.images-1

The new Android version of the game is fully synced with the Facebook version, so you can enjoy totally seamless, uninterrupted gameplay when you are on the go.

Dragon City for Android delivers a totally immersive, mobile gameplay experience. The game has been expertly adapted to the touch screen experience, meaning that players can jump straight in, without missing a beat.  And full social integration with means you can still visit your friends’ islands and help them out.

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Ricardo Cevallos from our mobile team  sums up the team spirit in welcoming our new Android version: “It’s a challenge to develop any cross-platform game, and we have had a lot of requests from fans and players all over the world to deliver Dragon City for Android.

“It’s been a major team effort and we’re really proud of this version, which will delight Android users with its awesome gameplay!”

Dragon City immerses players in an extraordinary world inhabited by amazing dragons of all shapes, sizes and species.  Players can build and decorate their own Dragon City on magical, floating islands. They can feed, grow and train their dragons to battle it out in fiery duels;  and breed them to discover astonishing new species. Dragon teams can be customized to combat with thousands of online opponents all over the world.

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Dragon City is one of the best loved casual games in the world with more than 31 million  monthly players. Since its launch it has been played more than 95 million Facebook players all over the world. In March 2013 it launched on iOS and has been downloaded more than 7 million times, garenering a 4.5 star rating from delighted players.  It is one of the top 20 grossing iOS apps. In 2012 Dragon City was the 2nd best-rated game on Facebook.images-1

Dragon City for Android opens up the game to a host of new users, who we hope will love the game as much as we do!

The mega-talented Dragon City Android Team celebrates our newest arrival!

Dragon City Android TEAM
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