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Published: 6 years ago

deSymfony Conference, Madrid


From the 20th to the 22nd of June Social Point went to deSymfony (a PHP web application framework), a conference whose goal is to unify the Hispanic Symfony developer community. This is an event that takes place in Madrid, where people can share their different professional experiences and knowledge.

Even though this event is only 3 years old, it is the second largest conference about Symfony, after the Symfony Live, which is held in English. This year Social Point has become a Platinum Sponsor for this happening. We love to support this kind of events in order to help professionals of the sector strengthen bonds and share learning and expertise.

Several Socialpointers attended this event and 4 of them gave speeches about different kind of topics related to Symfony:

Marcos Quesada gave a talk about Testing applied to Symfony2 and he exposed testing techniques with a practical orientation, focusing on the real value of testing for its utility.

Ronny López talked about How to integrate Redis to Symfony2 applications. In this talk Ronny explained the importance of Redis when working with Symfony2.

Vicent Soria, another Socialpointer, gave a talk about Development Environments for Symfony2 with Vagrant and Puppet. He explained how to avoid different kind of problems when working with Symfony2 and how to solve other issues that one can encounter while working with this framework.

And the last but not least, Adán Lobato gave a talk at the Unconference about Command-line tools in PHP.

Everyone had a great time in Madrid, they learned a lot of things and they had the chance to talk with people in the industry sector. Thankfully our Socialpointers had time to relax between talk and talk and to spend some quality time together.

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