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Published: 7 years ago

Chapter 4: The Return

Exhausted and sweaty, we all went to have a shower before the big Christmas meal was served. The corridor was crowded and shouts of victory were heard everywhere.

Before dinner everyone gathered in the house yard; some of us were singing songs while playing guitar and bongos. We also enjoyed talking about the great experience that we had just lived.

Little by little we started entering the big dining room and we sat around the tables. Different typical Spanish Christmas dishes (and also pizza!) were served. We all ate like there was no tomorrow, until our bellies were about to explode.

Finally, and after resting a little bit, we played another game: find your partner. Everyone of us had a character written on a sticker and we had to look for the partner of our character, since it was the essential request to go to the dance floor.

We danced and danced until the sun came up. Sadly, the bus was waiting and we had to return to the real world.

We left wanting more; during the trip we discussed about the possible next adventure waiting for us…

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