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Published: 7 years ago

Chapter 2: The Adventure

During the amazing Gymkhana, all groups faced different types of Quests that would leave everybody stiff.

Some were struggling on the obstacle course, others tried not to receive many kicks in the human table football. Shouts of victory and defeat were mixed and heard everywhere. We participated in team building tests, where individuality had no place and all the members of the group had to stick toghether and achieve their goals joining their power.  At the sack-race we saw entire groups falling to the floor and breathing dirt as real soldiers.

Finally, when nobody had any strength left, we ate snacks to refuel ourselves and continue fighting for the final prize. Unexpectedly our CEO’s revealed the first clue: the secret prize was an i_ _ _   _ _ _i. The room erupted in shouts and theories.

We draw, we ran, we got wet and we struggled just to get the loot; expectations were really high. We were having a good time but… this is war, baby. Finally we reached the end: two groups were announced as finalists and they should face each other in one FINAL QUEST!

People gathered around the Gladiators’ ring. Everyone was screaming and cheering while the fighters were kept in their respective corners. It was the moment of truth. Only one group could stand still. Time stopped, all fighters were under preassure.

Do not miss the epic final battle!

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